Give your employees the mental support they deserve

We are bringing DIGITAL MENTAL HEALTH SERVICE 2.0 to corporations. We focus on 4Ps - Purpose, Privacy, Personalisation, Prevention. We bring Purpose to our corporate clients by taking care of their employees' mental wellbeing. We protect individual data Privacy compliant with Europe's GDPR standards. We Personalize our offering by treating each user individually according to their specific needs. We Prevent mental health to deteriorate by having constant monitoring.

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About Us

Who We Are And What Can We do?

Give your employees the mental support they deserve

We work on countering STIGMA and TABOO on seeking optimal mental health. PREVENTATIVE treatment by VETTED MENTAL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS from around the world. Like your own personal trainer for optimal mental state and performance

For Corporations

Its time to focus on ESG and mental health of your prized assets - your employees. Our services are complementary to existing EAP mental health programs, and add another dimension and more impact to your company mental well being as a whole. We will do a mental health check on regular basis for your company/ departments; and will have implementation program and periodical consultancy programs.


We choose not to have any cookies as we are providing a service to your employees and NOT trying to sell other services/ goods to you.

We are EU GDPR compliant in every way and more, click through for more details on our DATA PRIVACY policy.


Our practitioners are VETTED meticulously for their education, professional qualifications and their experience in specific areas of mental health.

You only get the service of experienced and qualified human mental health practitioners, no BOTS!

News and Media

Bien-être World nominated as Top 10 Startup at MedTech Pitch

We are super honoured to be one of Top 10 Startups at MedTech Pitch

19 November 2021



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Occupational health - Committed mental prognosis

The health crisis has exacerbated the risks psychosocial in finance.

24 to 30 June 2021

Paris, France

L'AGEFI weekly

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Bien-être World enables companies to take care of the psychological health of their employees

Press Release - While well-being at work has long been a concern, the Covid-19 crisis has only amplified it. Indeed, many employees around the world have felt helpless in the face of the profound changes they have had to face, sometimes with effects on their psychological health.

24 June 2021

Paris, France


All About Money with Bien-être World's Terry Wou - Part 1

On this episode of #AllAboutMoney, we examine mental health at the workplace. Terry Wou, founder of Bien-être World, talks to us about how she was inspired to launch a novel B2B platform that equips corporations with counselling services for their employees.

Publish Date: 06 June 2021

Location: Hong-Kong

Media:Hong Kong International Business Channel

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All About Money with Bien-être World's Terry Wou - Part 2

In part 2 of this episode, #AllAboutMoney speaks to Bien-etre World founder Terry Wou about how her company's mental health app was designed - including which areas it focuses on and how her team of psychologists and other specialists were selected.

Publish Date: 06 June 2021

Location: Hong-Kong

Media:Hong Kong International Business Channel

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An interview with Terry Wou, founder of Bien-être world, published by CsuiteXchange.

Bien-être world is launched in March 2021, and their app will be live in July 2021. We are providing mental health support to corporations.

Publish Date: 26 March 2021

Location: Paris, Île-de-France, France


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Our Team

The Talent Crew

Terry Wou

25 years in fund managment and private equity; Master in Psychology (HKU)

Terry after 2 decades working in finance and business development, has encountered numerous friends and business contacts who are not at their optimal mental well-being, chronically stressed and anxious, and often burnout. She has twice left the industry and Hong Kong, to search for greater meaning and balance in her work life and private life

As part of her evolution, she has studied Psychology at the University of Hong Kong as a mature student in 2017-19. Psychology and analysing human behaviours has been her passion. Today, she has transformed her passion into a meaningful business platform in hopes of bringing positive impact to a large community via Bien-être world.

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